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Jetson industrial-grade module assisted driving case sharing

NVIDIA® Jetson™ is an advanced platform for autonomous machines and other embedded applications. The platform includes the Jetson module (a compact, high-performance computer), the NVIDIA JetPack™ SDK for accelerating software, and an ecosystem of sensors, SDKS, services, and products to speed development.

The adaptive panoramic system is specially developed for special engineering vehicles. In the vehicle driving, turning, turning, reversing, parking and other scenarios, the multi-channel AHD video access provides 360-degree visual information without blind spots, multiple radar data fusion, accurate perception of the vehicle's surrounding environment, and high performance intelligent analysis of AGX Xavier Industrial. With God's perspective to assist the driver to safely control the vehicle, effectively reduce the rolling, collision, grinding, sinking and other accidents (also applicable to other types of vehicles and large construction machinery).

Based on AI vision algorithm, it matches the image features of each camera in real time, perfectly responds to the dynamic change of the Angle between the traction locomotive and the semi-trailer, and the natural stitching and fusion effect is comparable to that of aerial photography.

Multi-channel AHD video access provides 360-degree visual information without blind spots.

The starlight sensor is not afraid of the dark, and the display is just as clear at night.

Realtimes Beijing Technology Co.,LTD.has been deeply engaged in the embedded computing market for more than ten years, enabling application developers in the field of artificial intelligence with deep learning as the core driving force, and taking the lead in laying out edge computing solutions with Jetson computing platform as the core to help AI enterprises land end-to-end applications. The Jetson computing platform provided by Realtimes has been deployed in batches in industries with early AI penetration such as smart city, smart logistics, smart medical treatment, smart agriculture, smart power, smart energy, smart transportation, smart retail, and smart manufacturing, serving more than thousands of enterprises. The products are sold to more than 50 countries and regions in Europe, America, Asia, Africa and Oceania.

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